Around Mt Shasta

The mountain itself

From just east of McCloud one can drive up towards Mud Creek and a trail that gives great views of Mud Creek Falls.

Dirt roads can be sued to drive right around the mountain, giving access to other trailheads which are usually located just below tree line.

Finally Highway 97 (Weed - Klamath Falls) enables access to the north slopes as well as to other hills that give great views.

Everett Memorial Highway

CRW 5442

Everett Memorial Highway goes from the center of town up to Panther Meadows and the Old Ski Bowl at about 8000'. The road is generally open all winter as far as Bunny Flat and the final stretch to the Old Ski Bowl is usually open from July- November. The road gives access to a variety of hikes and views, including Grey Butte, Horse Camp and Mt Shasta, and Squaw Meadows. 

The header of our website is the view over Mt Shasta City from the Everett Memorial Highway.

Panther Meadows - August 2010

Bunny Flat - April 2010

McCloud side

Eastern side

Northern slopes

Mount Eddy and Deadfall Area

Mt Eddy in winter

This video from the Mt Shasta Avalanche folks is just an amazing chance to see what the summit of Mt Eddy is like in winter. Sled Neck Snowmobile Tour of Mt Eddy with ContourHD from Helmet Camera Central on Vimeo.

Highway 97

Herd Peak


Yellow Butte

IMG 0242

Yellow Butte is just north of Highway 97 and provides good views over Shasta and the Shasta valley. These pictures were taken on a day when Mt Shasta City was covered in cloud, grey and snowy and yet just a few miles north were beautiful views.

IMG 0236IMG 0234IMG 0248

Days Out

A walk on South Shore

David is headed back to Mountain View today — I am staying a couple of weeks. So we took time for a drive up Hwy 26 (toward Lake Gumboot) — we got to the usual place where  the snow plow stops clearing the road. Then we took a walk on South Shore — it was a bit slippery but the reflections on the still lake very beautiful. We walked along the path closest to the lake and it was a mix of snowy patches and clear. Frecklz took a moment to sit while we waited for David to take pictures. A very loyal dog!


Box Canyon


A great Christmas Day walk above Box Canyon. No-one around; only a little snow and two very happy dogs.


Winter Sun

So what happened to winter? Nights not below freezing and days in the 50′s. In fact last couple of days have been sunny and even warmer (although nights back to freezing again). We have had ants and a fruit fly — and I notice the wild Azalea is budding. Went to North Shore with the dogs — no snow left (not even along the road). Guys at the lake with shirts off — it is still February? The dogs enjoyed the walk — we met several other groups of doggies. I even brushed the doggies on the picnic table! It surely is still winter — but you wouldn’t have know it from the day yesterday. Another beautiful sunny day today before some rainy weather returns.


A walk on North Shore

The dogs and I took advantage of the continuing nice weather and had several walks on North Shore of Lake Siskiyou. Best you can ask for in the middle of winter!


Winter at Bunny Flat

Last weekend we had a beautiful walk at Bunny Flat, along the road towards Panther Meadows. But the road was about 12′ beneath us:-)

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