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A day at Sunol

We took the dogs for a nice post-storm walk to Sunol today, but the river (whilst still impressive) was not as full as it was last year at the beginning of March. If you’ve never been to Sunol it is well worth a visit while you’re visiting the Bay Area.

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 We took a few pictures, though they don’t convey the volume of water as effectively as the video does. On the other hand, they do give a stronger sense of the location.


High Tide at Palo Alto Duck Pond

A beautiful sunny winters day today and we took the dogs for a walk at Palo Alto duck pond, just at the right time for one of the highest tides of the year – just an inch or two below the path.

Normally this area is marsh, but this morning it was all under water, and the walkway that goes to the edge of the Bay felt like it was going out over the Bay itself – Palo Alto Pier anyone?


Halloween 2010

Halloween in Mountain View this year.


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